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Inga-Britt Ostrom, MFT


I was educated in Europe and the United States, earning a B.A. in Psychology from Sonoma State University in 1998, and an MS in Counseling from Dominican University in 2002.


I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My private practice is located in San Diego (North County), California.

I have worked with individuals, couples and families for many years, in Northern and Southern California, along with doing my own personal work. I know that the process of therapy is profoundly effective. I feel privileged to have witnessed genuine transformation and growth in the people I have treated. You can change your life for the better through the therapeutic process.

Clinically, my strengths lay in empowering my clients to heal, and to achieve their goals. I work with adults, couples, teenagers and children with diverse cultural backgrounds. I enjoy creating stronger families by establishing trust and safety, improving communication, and resolving conflict, as a basis of success in all relationships.

I have comprehensive experience in the treatment of childhood trauma, depression/anxiety, marital and family therapy, adoption and related issues.


My philosophy is based on Jungian and Humanistic psychotherapy. I know that people are capable of change at any age. I believe that individuals unconsciously strive toward integration and wholeness.

I feel passionate about helping my clients grow and heal and privileged to be a part of their journey towards wholeness.

I incorporate dreams, art and body awareness into my practice. Dreams often reveal and communicate the knowing of the unconsciousness mind. Some clients utilize their creative talents to make art to access their unconscious mind.